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Dear Entrants,

The virtual card acceptance service for the MEOESZ & DOG SHOW online entry programe is provided by OTP Bank Ltd. by using very secure, SSL technology. In course of bankcard payment you are redirected to the bank’s payment site, and the payment transaction (card data input) is generated in the bank’s site, and not in the MEOESZ & DOG SHOW online entry program’s site. The payment site is operated by OTP Bank Ltd., according to the rules and regulations of the international card associations. The MEOESZ & DOG SHOW online entry program is not in the possesion and has no access at all to your card data (number, expiry date) and the bank account behind.

The following data is necessary to process a card payment transaction, please prepare your card:
1. Card number: (the 13-19 digit embossed or indented number in the front side of your card)
2. Expiry date: (the mm/yy format embossed or indented number in the front side of your card)
3. Validation code: (the last three digits in the back side of your card in the signature panel, CVC/CVV code). If there is no such code in your card, please leave blank the relevant field in the payment site.

The following card types can be used for payment in our web shop:

Budapest, 2014.03.09

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Online payment informations

Accepted card types:

OTP Bank Nyrt. | OTP Mobil Kft.
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