2023 Champion Exhibition - Friday, February 10, 2023

Date: 2023.02.10
Place: Budapest, HUNGEXPO
Organised by: MEOESZ

  • 2022-12-08
  • 2023-01-23
    Entry deadline
  • 2023-02-10
    Day of show
Deadline to modify online entries: 2023-01-23

Entry fees

1. Entry deadline 2023-01-23
1. dog 50 EUR
2. dog 50 EUR
3. dog 50 EUR
More dogs 50 EUR

Additional entry fees

Dog replacement fee: 10 EUR

Breeds to enter

Breeds recognised by the FCI
Attention! Non-FCI recognised breeds can be found at the bottom of the page.
FCI Nr. Breed name Breed name [FCI]
1 English Pointer English Pointer
2 English Setter English Setter
3 Kerry Blue Terrier Kerry Blue Terrier
4 Cairn Terrier Cairn Terrier
5 English Cocker Spaniel English Cocker Spaniel
6 Gordon Setter Gordon Setter
7 Airedale Terrier Airedale Terrier
8 Australian Terrier Australian Terrier
9 Bedlington Terrier Bedlington Terrier
10 Border Terrier Border Terrier
11 Bull Terrier Bull Terrier
359 Miniature Bull Terrier Miniature Bull Terrier
12 Fox Terrier Smooth Fox Terrier Smooth
13 English Toy Terrier (Black and Tan) English Toy Terrier (Black and Tan)
14 Vastgötaspets (Swedish Vallhund) Swedish Vallhund
15 Belgian Shepherd Dog Tervueren Tervueren
15 Belgian Shepherd Dog Groenendael Groenendael
15 Belgian Shepherd Dog Laekenois Laekenois
15 Belgian Shepherd Dog Malinois Malinois
16 Old English Sheepdog (Bobtail) Old English Sheepdog
17 Griffon Nivernais Griffon Nivernais
19 Briquet griffon vendéen Briquet griffon vendéen
20 Ariégeois Ariegeois
21 Petit Gascon Saintogeois (Small Gascon Saintongeois) Small Gascon Saintongeois
21 Grand Gascon Saintongeois (Great Gascon Saintongeois) Great Gascon Saintongeois
22 Grand bleu de Gascogne (Great Gascony Blue) Great Gascony Blue
24 Poitevin Poitevin
25 Billy Billy
28 Chien d`Artois (Artois Hound) Artois Hound
30 Porcelaine Porcelaine
31 Petit bleu de gascogne (Small Blue Gascony) Small Blue Gascony
32 Griffon bleu de Gascogne (Blue Gascony Griffon) Blue Gascony Griffon
33 Grand basset griffon vendéen Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen
34 Basset artésien normand (Norman Artesien Basset) Norman Artesien Basset
35 Basset bleu de gascogne (Blue Gascony Basset) Blue Gascony Basset
36 Basset fauve de Bretagne (Fawn Brittany Basset) Fawn Brittany Basset
37 Cao de agua Portugues (Portuguese Water Dog) Portuguese Water Dog
38 Welsh Corgi Cardigan Welsh Corgi Cardigan
39 Welsh Corgi Pembroke Welsh Corgi Pembroke
40 Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
41 Jugoslovenski Ovcarski Pas - Sarplaninac (Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog – Sharplanina) Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog – Sharplanina
42 Jämthund (Swedish Elkhound) Swedish Elkhound
43 Basenji Basenji
44 Berger de Beauce "Beauceron" (Beauce Sheep Dog) Beauce Sheep Dog
45 Berner Sennenhund (Bernese Mountain Dog) Bernese Mountain Dog
46 Appenzeller Sennenhund (Appenzell Cattle Dog) Appenzell Cattle Dog
47 Entlebucher Sennenhund (Entlebuch Cattle Dog) Entlebuch Cattle Dog
48 Karjalankarhukoira (Karelian Bear Dog) Karelian Bear Dog
49 Suomenpystykorva (Finnish Spitz) Finnish Spitz
50 Newfoundland Newfoundland
51 Suomenajokoira (Finnish Hound) Finnish Hound
52 Ogar polski (Polish Hound) Polish Hound
53 Komondor Komondor
54 Kuvasz Kuvasz
55 Puli Pearl White Puli Pearl White
55 Puli Black Puli Black
55 Puli Fawn Puli Fawn
56 Pumi Pumi
57 Hungarian Short-haired Pointer (Rövidszőrű Magyar Vizsla) Hungarian Short-haired Pointer
58 Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund (Great Swiss Mountain Dog) Great Swiss Mountain Dog
59 Bernese Laufhund(Bernese Hound) Bernese Hound
59 Jura Laufhund (Jura Hound) Jura Hound
59 Lucerne Laufhund (Lucerner Hound) Lucerner Hound
59 Schweizer Laufhund (Schwyz Hound) Schwyz Hound
60 Schweizerischer Niederlaufhund Jura (Small Jura Hound) Small Jura Hound
60 Schweizerischer Niederlaufhund Lucerne (Small Lucerne Hound) Small Lucerne Hound
60 Schweizerischer Niederlaufhund Schwyz (Small Schwyz Hound) Small Schwyz Hound
61 St.Bernardshund - Bernhardiner, Long-haired Saint Bernard Dog Long-haired
61 St.Bernardshund - Bernhardiner, Short-haired Saint Bernard Dog Short-haired
62 Steirische Rauhhaarbracke (Coarse-haired Styrian Hound) Coarse-haired Styrian Hound
63 Brandlbracke (Vieräugl) (Austrian Black and Tan Hound) Austrian Black and Tan Hound
64 Österreichischer Pinscher (Austrian Pinscher) Austrian Pinscher
65 Maltese Maltese
66 Griffon Fauve de Bretagne (Fawn Brittany Griffon) Fawn Brittany Griffon
67 Petit basset griffon vendéen Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
68 Tiroler Bracke (Tyrolean Hound) Tyrolean Hound
70 Lakeland Terrier Lakeland Terrier
71 Manchester Terrier Manchester Terrier
72 Norwich Terrier Norwich Terrier
73 Scottish Terrier Scottish Terrier
74 Sealyham Terrier Sealyham Terrier
75 Skye Terrier Skye Terrier
76 Staffordshire Bull Terrier Staffordshire Bull Terrier
77 Epagneul Nain Continental (Continental Toy Spaniel) Papillon Continental Toy Spaniel Papillon
77 Epagneul Nain Continental (Continental Toy Spaniel) Phaléne Continental Toy Spanie Phaléne
78 Welsh Terrier Welsh Terrier
80 Griffon Bruxellois (Brussels Griffon) Brussels Griffon
81 Griffon Belge (Belgian Griffon) Belgian Griffon
82 Petit Brabancon (Small Barbant Griffon) Small Brabant Griffon
83 Schipperke Schipperke
84 Chien de Saint Hubert (Bloodhound) Bloodhound
85 West Highland White Terrier West Highland White Terrier
86 Yorkshire Terrier Yorkshire Terrier
87 Gos d`Atura Catalá-Perro de pastor catalán (Catalan Sheepdog) Catalan Sheepdog
88 Shetland Sheepdog Shetland Sheepdog
89 Podenco Ibicenco Rough (Ibizan Podenco, Rough-haired) Ibizan Podenco Rough-haired
90 Perdiguero de Burgos (Burgos Pointing Dog) Burgos Pointing Dog
91 Mastín espanol (Spanish Mastiff) Spanish Mastiff
92 Mastín del Pirineo (Pyrenean Mastiff) Pyrenean Mastiff
93 Cao da Serra de Aires (Portuguese Sheepdog) Portuguese Sheepdog
94 Podengo Portugues Medium - Long and Wire haired (Portugues Warren Hound, Medium - Long and Wire haired) Portugues Warren Hound, Medium - Long and Wire haired
94 Podengo Portugues Large- Long and Wire haired(Portugues Warren Hound, Large- Long and Wire haired) Portugues Warren Hound, Large- Long and Wire haired
94 Podengo Portugues Small, Long and Wire haired (Portugues Warren Hound - Small, Long and Wire haired) Portugues Warren Hound - Small, Long and Wire haired
95 Epagneul Breton (Brittany Spaniel) Brittany Spaniel
96 Rafeiro do Alentejo (Rafeiro of Alentejo) Rafeiro of Alentejo
97 Deutscher Spitz, Zwerg (Pomeranian) Pomeranian
97 Deutscher Spitz, Klein - Orange, other color (Miniature German Spitz Orange, grey shaded and other colours) Miniature German Spitz Orange, grey shaded and other colou
97 Deutsche Spitz, Mittel-White (Medium German Spitz White) Medium German Spitz White
97 Deutscher Spitz, Gross - White (Giant German Spitz White) Giant German Spitz White
97 Deutscher Spitz, Keeshond (German Spitz, Wolfspitz) Wolfspitz (Keeshond)
98 Deutsch Drahthaar (German Wire-haired Pointing Dog) German Wire-haired Pointing Dog
99 Weimaraner Short-haired Weimaraner Short-haired
99 Weimaraner Long-haired Weimaraner Long-haired
100 Westfälische dachsbracke (Westphalian Dachsbracke) Westphalian Dachsbracke
101 Bouledogue Francais (French Bulldog) French Bulldog
102 Kleiner Münsterländer (Small Munsterlander) Small Munsterlander
103 Deutscher Jagdterrier (German Hunting Terrier) German Hunting Terrier
104 Deutscher Wachtelhund (German Spaniel) German Spaniel
105 Barbet (French Water Dog) French Water Dog
106 Epagneul Bleu de Picardie (Blue Picardy Spaniel) Blue Picardy Spaniel
107 Griffon a poil dur Korthals (Wire-haired Pointing Griffon Korthals) Wire-haired Pointing Griffon Korthals
108 Epagneul Picard (Picardy Spaniel) Picardy Spaniel
109 Clumber Spaniel Clumber Spaniel
110 Curly Coated Retriever Curly Coated Retriever
111 Golden Retriever Golden Retriever
113 Berger de Brie (Briard) Briard
114 Epagneul de Pont-Audemer (Pont-Audemer Spaniel) Pont-Audemer Spaniel
115 Braque Saint-Germain (Saint Germain Pointer) Saint Germain Pointer
116 Dogue de Bordeaux Dogue de Bordeaux
117 Deutsch Langhaar (German Long-Haired Pointing Dog) German Long-Haired Pointing Dog
118 Grosser Münsterländer Vorstehhund (Large Munsterlander) Large Munsterlander
119 Deutsch Kurzhaar (German Short-haired Pointing Dog) German Short-haired Pointing Dog
120 Irish Red Setter Irish Red Setter
121 Flat Coated Retriever Flat Coated Retriever
122 Labrador Retriever Labrador Retriever
123 Field Spaniel Field Spaniel
124 Irish Water Spaniel Irish Water Spaniel
125 English Springer Spaniel English Springer Spaniel
126 Welsh Springer Spaniel Welsh Springer Spaniel
127 Sussex Spaniel Sussex Spaniel
128 King Charles Spaniel King Charles Spaniel
129 Smålandstövare (Småland Hound) Småland Hound
130 Drever (Swedish Dachsbracke) Drever
131 Schillerstövare (Schiller Hound) Schiller Hound
132 Hamiltonstövare (Hamilton Hound) Hamilton Hound
133 Braque Francais - Type Gascogne (French Pointing Dog - Gascogne type) French Pointing Dog - Gascogne type
134 Braque Francais -Type Pyrenees (French Pointing Dog - Pyrenean type) French Pointing Dog-Pyrenean type
135 Svensk Lapphund (Swedish Lapphund) Swedish Lapphund
136 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
137 Chien de Montagne des Pyrénées (Pyrenean Mountain Dog) Pyrenean Mountain Dog
138 Chien de Berger des Pyrénées a face rase (Pyrenean Sheepdog - Smooth faced) Pyrenean Sheepdog - Smooth faced
139 Irish Terrirer Irish Terrirer
140 Boston Terrier Boston Terrier
141 Chien de Berger des Pyrénées a poil long (Long-haired Pyrenean Sheepdog) Long-haired Pyrenean Sheepdog
142 Slovensky Cuvac (Slovakian Chuvach) Slovakian Chuvach
143 Dobermann Brown with rust red markings Dobermann Brown with rust red markings
143 Dobermann Black with rust red markings Dobermann Black with rust red markings
144 Deutscher Boxer Fawn (German Boxer Fawn) German Boxer Fawn
144 Deutscher Boxer Brindle (German Boxer Brindle) German Boxer Brindle
145 Leonberger Leonberger
146 Rhodesian Ridgeback Rhodesian Ridgeback
147 Rottweiler Rottweiler
148 Dachshund Standard Smooth-haired Dachshund Standard Smooth-haired
148 Dachshund Standard Long-haired Dachshund Standard Long-haired
148 Dachshund Standard Wire-haired Dachshund Standard Wire-haired
148 Dachshund Miniature (Zwerg) Smooth-haired Dachshund Miniature Smooth-haired
148 Dachshund Miniature (Zwerg) Long-haired Dachshund Miniature Long-haired
148 Dachshund Miniature (Zwerg) Wire-haired Dachshund Miniature Wire-haired
148 Dachshund Rabbit (Kaninchen) Smooth-haired Dachshund Rabbit (Kaninchen) Smooth-haired
148 Dachshund Rabbit (Kaninchen) Long-haired Dachshund Rabbit (Kaninchen) Long-haired
148 Dachshund Rabbit (Kaninchen) Wire-haired Dachshund Rabbit (Kaninchen) Wire-haired
149 Bulldog Bulldog
150 Srpski Gonic (Serbian Hound) Serbian Hound
151 Istarski Kratkodlaki Gonic (Istrian Short-haired Hound) Istrian Short-haired Hound
152 Istarski Ostrodlaki Gonic (Istrian Wire-haired Hound) Istrian Wire-haired Hound
153 Dalmatinski pas (Dalmatian) Dalmatian
154 Posavski Gonic (Posavatz Hound) Posavatz Hound
155 Bosanaski Ostrodlaki Gonic Barak (Bosnian Broken-haired Hound - Called Barak) Bosnian Broken-haired Hound - Called Barak
156 Collie Rough Collie Rough
157 Bullmastiff Bullmastiff
158 Greyhound Greyhound
159 English Foxhound English Foxhound
160 Irish Wolfhound Irish Wolfhound
161 Beagle Beagle
162 Whippet Whippet
163 Basset Hound Basset Hound
164 Deerhound Deerhound
165 Spinone Italiano (Italian Spinone) Italian Spinone
166 Deutscher Schäferhund (German Shepherd Dog Double Coat) German Shepherd Dog Double Coat
166 Deutscher Schäferhund (German Shepherd Dog - Long and harsh outer coat) German Shepherd Dog Long and harsh outer coat
167 American Cocker Spaniel American Cocker Spaniel
168 Dandie Dinmont Terrier Dandie Dinmont Terrier
169 Fox Terrier Wire Fox Terrier Wire
170 Cao de Castro Laboreiro (Castro Laboreiro Dog) Castro Laboreiro Dog
171 Bouvier des Ardennes (Ardennes Cattle Dog) Ardennes Cattle Dog
172 Standard Caniche (Poodle) black Standard Poodle Black
172 Standard Caniche (Poodle) white Standard Poodle White
172 Standard Caniche (Poodle) brown Standard Poodle Brown
172 Standard Caniche (Poodle) grey Standard Poodle Grey
172 Medium Caniche (Poodle) black Medium Poodle Black
172 Medium Caniche (Poodle) white Medium Poodle White
172 Medium Caniche (Poodle) brown Medium Poodle Brown
172 Medium Caniche (Poodle) grey Medium Poodle Grey
172 Miniature Caniche (Poodle) black Miniature Poodle Black
172 Miniature Caniche (Poodle) white Miniature Poodle White
172 Miniature Caniche (Poodle) brown Miniature Poodle Brown
172 Miniature Caniche (Poodle) grey Miniature Poodle Grey
173 Cao de Serra da Estrela Long-haired (Estrela Mountain Dog Long-haired) Estrela Mountain Dog Long-haired
173 Cao da Serra da Estrela Short-haired (Estrela Mountain Dog Short-haired) Cao da Serra da Estrela Short-haired
175 Epagneul Francais (French Spaniel) French Spaniel
176 Berger de Picardie (Picardy Sheepdog) Picardy Sheepdog
177 Braque de l`Ariege (Ariege Pointing Dog) Ariege Pointing Dog
179 Braque du Bourbonnais (Bourbonnais Pointing Dog) Bourbonnais Pointing Dog
180 Braque d`Auvergne (Auvergne Pointing Dog) Auvergne Pointing Dog
181 Riesenschnauzer pepper and salt (Giant Schnauzer Pepper and Salt) Giant Schnauzer Pepper and Salt
181 Riesenschnauzer black (Giant Schnauzer Black) Giant Schnauzer Black
182 Schnauzer Pepper and Salt Schnauzer Pepper and Salt
182 Schnauzer Black Schnauzer Black
183 Zwergschnauzer pepper and salt (Miniature Schnauzer Pepper and Salt) Miniature Schnauzer Pepper and Salt
183 Zwergschnauzer black (Miniature Schnauzer Black) Miniature Schnauzer Black
183 Zwergschnauzer black and silver (Miniature Schnauzer Black and Silver) Miniature Schnauzer Black and Silver
183 Zwergschnauzer white (Miniature Schnauzer White) Miniature Schnauzer White
184 Deutscher Pinscher (German Pinscher) German Pinscher
185 Zwergpinscher (Miniature Pinscher) Miniature Pinscher
186 Affenpinscher Affenpinscher
187 Perdigueiro Portugues (Portuguese Pointing Dog) Portuguese Pointing Dog
188 Sloughi Sloughi
189 Suomenlapinkoira (Finnish Lapponian Dog) Finnish Lapponian Dog
190 Hovawart Hovawart
191 Vlaamse Koehond (Bouvier des Flandres ) Bouvier des Flandres
192 Kromfohrländer Kromfohrlander
193 Russkaya Psovaya Borzaya (Borzoi - Russian Hunting Sighthound) Borzoi - Russian Hunting Sighthound
194 Cane da pastore Bergamasco (Bergamasco Shepherd Dog) Bergamasco Shepherd Dog
195 Volpino Italiano (Italian Volpino) Italian Volpino
196 Bolognese Bolognese
197 Mastino Napoletano (Neapolitan Mastiff) Neapolitan Mastiff
198 Segugio Italiano A Pelo Raso (Italian Rough-haired Segugio) Italian Rough-haired Segugio
199 Cirneco dell`Etna Cirneco dell`Etna
200 Piccolo Levriero Italiano (Italian Sighthound) Italian Greyhound
201 Cane da pastore Maremmano-Abruzzese (Maremma and the Abruzzes Sheepdog) Maremma and the Abruzzes Sheepdog
202 Bracco Italiano (Italian Pointing Dog) Italian Pointing Dog
203 Dunker (Norwegian Hound) Norwegian Hound
204 Sabueso espanol (Spanish Hound) Spanish Hound
205 Chow Chow Chow Chow
206 Chin (Japanese Chin) Japanese Chin
207 Pekingese Pekingese
208 Shih Tzu Shih Tzu
209 Tibetan Terrier Tibetan Terrier
211 Canadian Eskimo Dog Canadian Eskimo Dog
212 Samoiedskaia Sabaka (Samoyed) Samoyed
213 Hannoverischer Schweisshund (Hanoverian Scenthound) Hanoverian Scenthound
214 Hellinikos Ichnilatis (Hellenic Hound) Hellenic Hound
215 Bichon a poil frise (Bichon Frise) Bichon Frise
216 Pudelpointer Pudelpointer
217 Bayerischer Gebirgsschweisshund (Bavarian Mountain Scenthound) Bavarian Mountain Scenthound
218 Chihuahueno (Chihuahua) smooth-haired Chihuahua Smooth-haired
218 Chihuahueno (Chihuahua) long-haired Chihuahua Long-haired
219 Francias tricolore (French Tricolour Hound) French Tricolour Hound
220 Francias blanc et noir (French White and Black Hound) French White and Black Hound
221 Wetterhoun (Frisian Water Dog) Frisian Water Dog
222 Stabijhoun (Frisian Pointing Dog) Frisian Pointing Dog
223 Hollandse Herdershond Long (Dutch Shepherd Dog - Long haired) Dutch Shepherd Dog - Long haired
223 Holland Herdershond Short (Dutch Shepherd Dog - Short haired) Dutch Shepherd Dog - Short haired
223 Hollandse Herdershond Rough (Dutch Shepherd Dog - Rough haired) Dutch Shepherd Dog - Rough haired
224 Drentsche Patrijshond (Drentse Partridge Dog) Drentse Partridge Dog
225 Fila Brasileiro Fila Brasileiro
226 Landseer, Europäisch-kontinentaler Typ (Landseer, Europian-continental Type) Landseer
227 Lhasa Apso Lhasa Apso
228 Afghan Hound Afghan Hound
229 Srpski Trobojni Gonic (Serbian Tricolour Hound) Serbian Tricolour Hound
230 Do-Khyi (Tibetan Mastiff) Tibetan Mastiff
231 Tibetan Spaniel Tibetan Spaniel
232 Deutsch Stichelhaar (German Rough-haired Pointing Dog) German Rough-haired Pointing Dog
233 Petit Chien Lion (Little Lion Dog) Little Lion Dog
234 Xoloitzcuintle Standard (Mexican Hairless Dog Standard) Mexican Hairless Dog Standard
235 Deutsche Dogge Blue (Great Dane Blue) Great Dane Blue
235 Deutsche Dogge Gelb (Great Dane Fawn) Great Dane Fawn
235 Deutsche Dogge Brindle (Great Dane Brindle) Great Dane Brindle
235 Deutsche Dogge Harlequin (Great Dane Harlequin) Great Dane Harlequin
235 Deutsche Dogge Black (Great Dane Black) Great Dane Black
236 Australian Silky Terrier Australian Silky Terrier
237 Norsk Buhund (Norwegian Buhund) Norwegian Buhund
238 Mudi Mudi
239 Hungarian Wire-haired Pointer (Drótszőrű Magyar Vizsla ) Hungarian Wire-haired Pointer
240 Hungarian Greyhound (Magyar Agar) Hungarian Greyhound
241 Hungarian Hound - Transylvanian Scent Hound (Erdélyi kopó) Hungarian Hound - Transylvanian Scent Hound
242 Norsk Elghund Grå (Norwegian Elkhound Grey) Norwegian Elkhound Grey
243 Alaskan Malamute Alaskan Malamute
244 Slovensky kopov (Slovakian Hound) Slovakian Hound
245 Cesky Fousek (Bohemian Wire-haired Pointing Griffon) Bohemian Wire-haired Pointing Griffon
246 Ceský Teriér (Cesky Terrier) Cesky Terrier
247 Chien de Montagne de l`atlas-Aidi (Atlas Mountain Dog - Aidi) Atlas Mountain Dog - Aidi
248 Pharaoh Hound Pharaoh Hound
249 Perro dogo mallorquín, Ca de Bou (Majorca Mastiff) Majorca Mastiff
250 Bichon Havanais (Havanese) Havanese
251 Polski Owczarek Nizinny (Polish Lowland Sheepdog) Polish Lowland Sheepdog
252 Polski Owczarek Podhalanski (Tatra Shepherd Dog) Tatra Shepherd Dog
253 Pug Pug
254 Alpenländische Dachsbracke (Alpine Dachsbracke) Alpine Dachsbracke
255 Akita Akita
257 Shiba Shiba
259 Nihon Teria (Japanese Terrier) Japanese Terrier
260 Tosa Tosa
261 Hokkaido Hokkaido
262 Nihon Supittsu (Japanese Spitz) Japanese Spitz
263 Chesapeake Bay Retriever Chesapeake Bay Retriever
264 Mastiff Mastiff
265 Norsk Lundehund (Norwegian Lundehund) Norwegian Lundehund
266 Hygenhund (Hygen Hound) Hygen Hound
267 Haldenstøver (Halden Hound) Halden Hound
268 Norsk Elghund Sort (Norwegian Elkhound Black) Norwegian Elkhound Black
269 Saluki Saluki
270 Siberian Husky Siberian Husky
271 Bearded Collie Bearded Collie
272 Norfolk Terrier Norfolk Terrier
273 Canaan Dog Canaan Dog
274 Grønlandshund (Greenland Dog) Greenland Dog
276 Norrbottenspets (Norrbottenspitz) Norrbottenspitz
277 Hrvatski Ovcar (Croatian Shepherd Dog) Croatian Shepherd Dog
278 Kraski Ovcar (Karst Shepherd Dog) Karst Shepherd Dog
279 Crnogorski Planinski Gonic (Montenegrin Mountain Hound) Montenegrin Mountain Hound
281 Gammel Dansk Honsehund (Old Danish Pointing Dog) Old Danish Pointing Dog
282 Grand Griffon Vendéen Grand Griffon Vendeen
283 Coton de Tulear Coton de Tulear
284 Lapinporokoira (Lapponian Reindeer Herder) Lapponian Reindeer Herder
285 Galgo Espanol (Spanish Greyhound) Spanish Greyhound
286 American Staffordshire Terrier American Staffordshire Terrier
287 Australian Cattle Dog Australian Cattle Dog
289 Íslenskur Fjárhundur (Icelandic Sheepdog) Icelandic Sheepdog
290 Beagle Harrier Beagle harrier
291 Eurasier (Eurasian) Eurasian
292 Dogo Argentino Dogo Argentino
293 Australian Kelpie Australian Kelpie
294 Otterhound Otterhound
295 Harrier Harrier
296 Collie Smooth Collie Smooth
297 Border Collie Border Collie
298 Lagotto Romagnolo (Romagna Water Dog) Romagna Water Dog
299 Deutsche bracke (German Hound) German Hound
300 Black and Tan Coonhound Black and Tan Coonhound
301 American Water Spaniel American Water Spaniel
302 Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier
303 American Foxhound American Foxhound
304 Russko-evropeiskaia laika (Russian-European Laika) Russian-European Laika
305 Vostotchno-Sibirskaia Laika (East Siberian Laika) East Siberian Laika
306 Zapadno-Sibirskaia Laika (West Siberian Laika) West Siberian Laika
307 Azawakh Azawakh
308 Hollandse Smoushond (Dutch Smoushond) Dutch Smoushond
309 Shar Pei Shar Pei
310 Perro sin pelo del Perú, Large (Peruvian Hairless Dog Large) Peruvian Hairless Dog Large
310 Perro sin pelo del Perú, Medium (Peruvian Hairless Dog Medium) Peruvian Hairless Dog Medium
310 Perro sin pelo del Perú, Miniature (Peruvian Hairless Dog Miniature) Peruvian Hairless Dog Miniature
311 Saarlooswolfhond (Saarloos Wolfhond) Saarloos Wolfhond
312 Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
313 Nederlandse Schapendoes (Dutch Schapendoes) Dutch Schapendoes
314 Nederlandse Kooikerhondje Nederlandse Kooikerhondje
315 Broholmer Broholmer
316 Francias blanc et orange (French White and Orange Hound) French White and Orange Hound
317 Kai Kai
318 Kishu Kishu
319 Shikoku Shikoku
320 Slovensky Hrubosrsty Stavac (Ohar) (Wirehaired Slovakian Pointer) Wirehaired Slovakian Pointer
321 Ca de Bestiar-Perro de pastor mallorquín (Majorca Shepherd Dog Long haired) Majorca Shepherd Dog Long haired
322 Grand anglo-francais tricolore (Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound) Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound
323 Grand anglo-francias blanc et noir (Great Anglo-French White and Black Hound) Great Anglo-French White and Black Hound
324 Grand anglo-francais blanc et orange (Great Anglo-French White and Orange Hound) Great Anglo-French White and Orange Hound
325 Anglo-francais de petit vénerie (Medium-sized Anglo-French Hound) Medium-sized Anglo-French Hound
326 Ioujnorousskaia Ovtcharka (South Russian Shepherd Dog) South-Russian Shepherd Dog
327 Russkiy Tchiorny Terrier (Russian Black Terrier) Russian Black Terrier
328 Kavkazskaia Ovtcharka (Caucasian Shepherd Dog) Caucasian Shepherd Dog
329 Podenco Canario (Canarian Warren Hound) Canarian Warren Hound
330 Irish Red And White Setter Irish Red And White Setter
331 Kangal Coban Köpegi (Kangal Shepherd Dog) Kangal Shepherd Dog
332 Ceskoslovensky Vlcak (Czechoslovakian Wolfdog) Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
333 Chart Polski (Polish Greyhound) Polish Greyhound
334 Korea Jindo Dog Korea Jindo Dog
335 Sredneasiatskaia Ovtcharka (Central Asia Shepherd Dog) Central Asia Shepherd Dog
336 Perro de agua Espanol (Spanish Water Dog) Spanish Water Dog
337 Seguigo Italiano A Pelo Forte (Italian Short-haired Segugio) Italian Short-haired Segugio
338 Thai Ridgeback Dog Thai Ridgeback Dog
339 Parson Russell Terrier Parson Russell Terrier
340 Cao Fila De Sao Miguel (Saint Miguel Cattle Dog) Saint Miguel Cattle Dog
341 Terrier Brasileiro (Brazilian Terrier) Brazilian Terrier
342 Australian Shepherd Australian Shepherd
343 Cane Corso Italiano (Italian Cane Corso) Italian Cane Corso
344 American Akita American Akita
345 Jack Russell Terrier Jack Russell Terrier
346 Presa Canario (Canary Islands Mastiff) Canary Islands Mastiff
347 Berger Blanc Suisse (White Swiss Shepherd Dog) White Swiss Shepherd Dog
348 Taiwan Dog Taiwan Dog
349 Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic (Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog) Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog
350 Ciobanesc Romanesc Carpatin (Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog) Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog
351 Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog
352 Russkiy Toy (Russian Toy) smooth-haired Russian Toy smooth-haired
353 Cimarron Uruguayo (Uruguayan Cimarron) Uruguayan Cimarron
354 Gonczy polski (Polish Hunting Dog) Polish Hunting Dog
355 Tornjak (Bosnian and Herzegovinian – Croatian Shepherd Dog) Bosnian and Herzegovinian – Croatian Shepherd Dog
356 Dansk-Svensk Gårdshund (Danish-Swedish Farmdog) Danish-Swedish Farmdog
357 Ciobanesc Romanesc De Bucovina (Romanian Bucovina Shepherd) Romanian Bucovina Shepherd
358 Thai Bangkaew Dog Thai Bangkaew Dog
97 Deutscher Spitz, Gross - Brown or Black (Giant German Spitz Brown or Black) Giant German Spitz Black/Brown
97 Deutscher Spitz, Mittel - Black or Brown (Medium German Spitz Black or Brown) Medium German Spitz Black/Brown
97 Deutscher Spitz, Mittel - Orange,grey,other color (Medium Size German Spitz Orange, grey shaded or other colours) Medium German Spitz Orange, grey shaded or other colours
97 Deutscher Spitz, Klein-White (Miniature German Spitz White) Miniature German Spitz White
97 Deutscher Spitz, Klein - Black or Brown (Miniature German Spitz Black/Brown) Miniature German Spitz Black/Brown
234 Xoloitzcuintle Intermediate (Mexican Hairless Dog Intermediate) Mexican Hairless Dog Intermediate
234 Xoloitzcuintle Miniature (Mexican Hairless Dog Miniature) Mexican Hairless Dog Miniature
89 Podenco Ibicenco Smooth (Ibizan Podenco, Smooth-haired) Ibizan Podenco Smooth-haired
94 Podengo Portugues Large - Short and Smooth haired (Portugues Warren Hound, Large - Short and Smooth haired) Portugues Warren Hound, Large - Short and Smooth haired
94 Podengo Portugues Medium -Short and Smooth haired (Portugues Warren Hound, Medium -Short and Smooth haired) Portugues Warren Hound, Medium -Short and Smooth haired
94 Podengo Portugues Small - Short and Smooth haired (Portugues Warren Hound, Small - Short and Smooth haired) Portugues Warren Hound, Small - Short and Smooth haired
60 Schweizerischer Niederlaufhund Bernese (Small Bernese Hound) Small Bernese Hound
172 Standard Caniche (Poodle) Fawn Standard Poodle Fawn
172 Medium Caniche (Poodle) fawn Medium Poodle Fawn
352 Russkiy Toy (Russian Toy) long-haired Russian Toy longhaired
172 Miniature Caniche (Poodle) fawn Miniature Poodle Fawn
172 Toy Caniche (Poodle) black Toy Poodle Black
172 Toy Caniche (Poodle) brown Toy Poodle Brown
172 Toy Caniche (Poodle) grey Toy Poodle Grey
172 Toy Caniche (Poodle) fawn Toy Poodle Fawn
172 Toy Caniche (Poodle) white Toy Poodle White
288 Chinese Crested Dog Hairless Chinese Crested Dog Hairless
288 Chinese Crested Dog Powder puff Chinese Crested Dog Powder Puff
369 Continental Bulldog Continental Bulldog
360 Lancashire Heeler Lancashire Heeler
367 Miniature American Shepherd Miniature American Shepherd
363 Prezsky Krysarík (Prague Ratter) Prague Ratter
365 Yakutskaya Laika (Yakutian Laika) Yakutian Laika
321 Ca de Bestiar-Perro de pastor mallorquín (Majorca Shepherd Dog Short haired) Majorca Shepherd Dog Short haired
55 Puli Grey Puli Grey
364 Chodsky Pes (Bohemian Shepherd Dog) Bohemian Shepherd Dog
362 Anji Kintamani-Bali (Kintamani-Bali Dog) Kintamani-Bali Dog
366 Eesti Hagijas (Estonian Hound) Estonian Hound
361 Segugio Maremmano Segugio Maremmano
368 Cao De Gado Transmontano (Transmontano mastiff) Transmontano mastiff
181 Riesenschnauzer black and silver (Giant Schnauzer Black and Silver) Giant Schnauzer Black and Silver

non-FCI recognised breeds

Breed name Breed name [FCI]
Rastreador Brasileiro (Brazilian Tracker) Rastreador Brasileiro
Moskovskaya Storozhevaya (Moscow Watchdog) Moscow Watchdog
American Bulldog American Bulldog
American Hairless Terrier American Hairless Terrier
American Toy Foxterrier American Toy Foxterrier
Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Biewer Yorkshire Terrier
Biro Yorkshire terrier Biro Yorkshire terrier
Chocolate Yorkshire terrier Chocolate Yorkshire terrier
Boerboel Boerboel
Bolonka cvetna Bolonka cvetna
Czech mountain dog Czech mountain dog
Bohemian Spotted Dog Bohemian Spotted Dog
Louisiana Catahoula Louisiana Catahoula
Malak Malak
Patterdale Terrier Patterdale Terrier
Chien Pluricolore à Poil Frisé medium Chien Pluricolore à Poil Frisé medium
Chien Particolor á Poil Frisé toy Chien Particolor á Poil Frisé toy
Chien Pluricolore à Poil Frisé large Chien Pluricolore à Poil Frisé large
Chien Pluricolore à Poil Frisé small Chien Pluricolore à Poil Frisé small
Redbone Coonhound Redbone Coonhound
Silken Windhound Silken Windhound
Silken Windsprite Silken Windsprite
East European Shepherd East European Shepherd
Adda Yorkshire Terrier Adda Yorkshire Terrier
Odis Odis
Blue Diamond Yorkshire Terrier Blue Diamond Yorkshire Terrier
Tazy Tazy
Chongqing Dog Chongqing Dog
Alaskan Klee Kai (Miniature Alaskan Husky) Miniature Alaskan Husky
Chuandong Hound Chuandong Hound
Golddust Yorkshire Terrier Golddust Yorkshire Terrier
Tenterfield Terrier Tenterfield Terrier
Polish Hunting Spaniel Polish Hunting Spaniel
Dark Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier Dark Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier
American Bully American Bully
Golden Yorkshire Terrier Golden Yorkshire Terrier
Sable / Ocean Pearl Yorkshire Terrier Sable / Ocean Pearl Yorkshire Terrier
Parti Yorkshire Terrier Parti Yorkshire Terrier
Chocolate Parti Yorkshire Terrier Chocolate Parti Yorkshire Terrier
Golden Parti Yorkshire Terrier Golden Parti Yorkshire Terrier
Merle Yorkshire Terrier Merle Yorkshire Terrier
Blueberry Yorkshire Terrier Blueberry Yorkshire Terrier
Chocoberry Yorkshire Terrier Chocoberry Yorkshire Terrier
Goldberry Yorkshire Terrier Goldberry Yorkshire Terrier
Mulberry Yorkshire Terrier Mulberry Yorkshire Terrier
Hortaja barzaja Hortaja
Pakistani Bully Kutta Pakistani Bully Kutta
Kyrgyzskaya Borzaya Taigan Taigan
Tatra hound Tatra hound
Illyrian Sheepherd Illyrian Sheepherd
Barbado Da Terceira Barbado Da Terceira
Ciobanesc Romanesc Corb Romanian Raven Shepherd
Mame Shiba Mameshiba
Macedonian Karaman Shepherd Dog. Macedonian Karaman Shepherd Dog.
Small Međimurje dog Small Međimurje dog
Maneto Maneto

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