For the website, OTP Mobil Kft. provides the possibility of card acceptance by its secure card acceptance system (Simple Online Payment System). After online payment, the customer will be transferred from to Simple's secure payment page, where the card details required for payment must be provided. The operator of does not become aware of the data content of the Simple payment page, as it is an independent and protected website.


To pay by credit card, you will need the following information, please prepare your card:

  1. Card number: a 13-19 digit number embossed or printed on the front of the card
  2. Expiry date: the number in mm/yy format on the front of the card, embossed or printed
  3. Validation code: the last three digits of the number in the signature panel on the back of the card (CVV2 or CVC2)

If such a code does not appear on your card, please leave the relevant field on the payment page blank.