The main activity of DOG SHOW Ltd is to provide services connecting to cynology exhibitions organised by MEOESZ and its partners.

Address: 1116. Budapest Tétényi út 130.
E-mail: info@dogshow.hu
Website: www.dogshow.hu
Telephone: +36 (70) 457 2760, +36 (70) 457 2770

Software developer:

Simonszoft, Simon Nándor

Activities: Personalised software development (CMS, CRM, ERP), website development, webhosting, IT consulting, system administration

E-mail: info@simonszoft.hu

Website: www.simonszoft.hu

Cсылка: https://nevezes.dogshow.hu/page-contact
Короткая ссылка: https://nevezes.dogshow.hu/P-100
Последняя модификация: 2021-01-06