General Entry Conditions


Entry to an exhibition is made in accordance with the valid Exhibition Regulations by the FCI and MEOESZ Hungarian Kennel Club. By making an entry in the online system, the owner of the dog undertakes to comply with them and acknowledges that they are binding on him/her.

According to exhibition rules an entry cannot be withdrawn or cancelled, it cannot be transferred to another person or used to enter a different dog.

Only dogs with FCI pedigree can be entered for the exhibition. A dog can be entered only in one class.

Entries can only be made online, by post, at specific exhibitions and in person at the MEOESZ Headquarter.

We cannot accept entries by e-mail or by fax. The entry is specific for one dog, the change of dogs is only permitted in exceptional cases if the responsible organisation allows it.

MEOESZ - Hungarian Kennel Klub


FCI - Fédération Cynologique Internationale


Online Entry

Prior to making an entry, you need to create an account and register after which you can make an entry after logging in to the system.

Entry can only be validly made in the system if the entry fees are paid in the same time (online bank card payment). In case this is not done or you pay the entry fees in a different way, the system automatically cancels the entry and it will not be valid.

After a successful entry and payment, the system will send you the invoice by email, which however is not considered as an entry confirmation. It only confirms the fact of entry and payment.

You will receive confirmation (or a link to the confirmation) via e-mail the week before the exhibition. Entries are being processed continuously until a week before the exhibition. You can find information on the status of your entries in the online entry system. 

Entry Data

You are responsible for the correctness of the data provided during the online entry. 

Data cannot be changed after the entry deadline.

The so-called registered user is the entrant himself/herself, the entrant and the owner must be the same in all cases. We do not assume responsibility for the incorrectly entered by the owner nor the errors that occur in them. In case we find different information in the entry comparing to the pedigree, we correct the entry automatically.

Entry Modifications

There is a possibility to modify the entries even after making a payment in case the organisation allows this and we are before the last entry deadline for that given exhibition (At modifiable entries page), as follows:

  • Class change -modifiable by paying a Reclassification Fee specified by the organiser of the exhibition.

  • Dog change - it is only possible if the organiser of the exhibition allows it for the specific exhibition, in that case you have to pay a specified Dog Reclassification Fee.

  • Change of dates - change in the dates of the exhibition the entry is valid to;
    only possible if the organizer of the exhibition organises several exhibitions
    and the dates of these exhibitions are right after each other,
    and the organiser allows the change of entry days amongst these;
    in this case it can be modified by paying a specified Day Reclassification Fee.

Entry Fee

Regarding the entry fee category, the day on which the full entry fee is paid is the governing day. In case of partial payment the day counts in which the full amount was paid.

We can only accept entries when the entry fees are fully paid.

Payment Methods

In case of online payment we only accept card payment. We do not accept bank transfers.

We are unable to cover the costs for any banking fees occurring.

The entry fee must be also paid in case of absence.

Dog(s), for which the entry fee is not paid by the last entry deadline or the entry fee is paid only partially, will not be in the catalogue, therefore cannot be shown at the exhibition.

In case the show is permanently cancelled (not rescheduled to a later date) due to the current situation, the entry fees will be refunded after deducting a 20% handling fee.

Age limit

When determining the age limit, the day of the judgement is the determining factor.


In accordance with the animal health regulations in force in Hungary, proof of a valid rabies vaccination(s) is mandatory before entering the exhibition area. Entry into the country from EU and non-EU member countries is carried out in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Dogs with docked tails and cropped ears can participate in the exhibition and will be judged together with the dogs with non docked tails and non cropped ears.

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