Dear Exhibitors!

Welcome to the online entry system of DOG SHOW Ltd.

Before entering the system, please read the General Entry Conditions! Please note that the so-called registered user is the entrant himself/herself, the entrant and the owner must be the same in all cases. The entrant is responsible for the correctness of data provided during the online entry.

Attention! The entry fees provided in the table in HUF are valid for owners with a permanent Hungarian address, valid Hungarian registration number (MET) and a federal membership card valid for 2024. For foreign exhibitors, the federal membership card does not provide a discounted price on entry fees. In the absence of any entry conditions, double the price is to be paid.

Attention! Only for exhibitors with a permanent Hungarian address, valid Hungarian registration number, the entry fee for a Hungarian breed is 50% of the entry fee provided in the entry information.

We hope to see you at our next shows!


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